Introducing First Kudi Verve Card In Partnership with Stanbic Ibtc Bank.

Dear First Kudi Community,

First Kudi has always been in the forefront of revolutionizing and enhancing its users base experience. We will keep improving on services designed to enhance convenience to financial solutions.

We are excited to introduce The First Kudi Debit Card. This is in partnership with Stanbic Ibtc Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading Banks. Now First Kudi Users have access to their own verve debit card. With the First Kudi Card, you can spend the following digital currencies; Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Ferrum (FRM) , Gemini US Dollar (GUSD) and of course the Naira. It gives users the ability to spend digital currency or withdraw the Naira at any ATM.

First Kudi Verve Card

How does this work?

For the initial release, all you have to do is sell any Digital Asset to Naira and then the Naira can be withdrawn to the First Kudi Verve card. The funds will then become available in about 10 minutes to 2 hours. Upon successful loading of the Naira to the verve card, you will receive an email from interswitch verifying the transaction.

Cost of Card.

Below are the cost of the cards based on your region, you must fund your wallet with the amount below before the card can be delivered to you.

Nigeria: 1500 Naira — Card can be picked up or shipped.

USA: 29.99 Dollars (10,800 NGN) — Card will be shipped.

UK: 29.99 Pounds (14,300 NGN) — Card will be shipped.

EU: 29.99 Euro (12,000 NGN) — Card will be shipped.

How to order for a First Kudi Verve Card.

  1. You must complete KYC by visiting, if you have already, please skip to #3.
  2. You will receive an email from us in 24–48 hours when KYC is completed.
  3. After successfully passing KYC, go to :

4. Scroll down the page and Click on the Get Started Now Icon

5. Complete the form and Fund you account with the desired cost above.

6. In 24 to 48 hours you will receive a charge from “First Kudi Card services” for your desired ordering location. Please Accept this charge on your dashboard.

7. After Payment is accepted you will receive an email will all details about your First Kudi Verve Card.

How to Add your First Kudi Verve Card to your First Kudi App.

  1. Open the First Kudi App, and Click on Settings

2. Click on Bank Account

3. Click on Bank name and Type “ Verve Card”

4. Click on Account # and Enter your 19 digits card #.

5.Enter your OTP Pin and confirm the change. Upon completion it should like the below.

6. Completely close the App and then relaunch the First Kudi App

7. Verify the Bank Account has been changed by clicking Settings, Bank Accounts.

How to Withdraw Funds to Verve Card.

  1. On Dashboard Click NGN.

2. Click Withdraw

3. Enter your amount and then Click Withdraw.

4. Confirm your OTP PIN.

5. Funding can take 10 minutes up to 2 hours. You will receive an email from Interswitch verifying the funds are available.

Please contact us below if you have additional questions.
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First Kudi app (formerly known as Kudi Exchange) allows individual and businesses transact with one another using digital asset and local currencies.

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