Introducing FIRST KUDI PRO

We at First Kudi are excited to introduce FIRST KUDI PRO. First Kudi Pro is a premier digital asset trading platform with direct fiat-to-crypto gateways. It has been in development for over a year and will be a significant enhancement over First Kudi. Customers will have the option of using First Kudi and First Kudi Pro. First Kudi Pro improves speed, provides an enhanced user interface, easily handles increased trading volume, offers more assets, and so much more. First Kudi Pro was designed to offer the user a more robust and consistent trading experience. Below are highlights some of the features of First Kudi Pro:

Features of First Kudi Pro
— More trading Pairs and assets. (DASH, DECRED, USDT) are now included!!
— Top of the line marketplace and orderbook.
— Enhanced Security and User controls.
— Faster Access, and Faster Trades.
— Instant Withdrawals

To signup and get started with First Kudi Pro please visit: .
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First Kudi app (formerly known as Kudi Exchange) allows individual and businesses transact with one another using digital asset and local currencies.

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