FRM Buy / Sell / Withdraw Limit Increase for First Kudi Verve Card Holders.

Dear Community,

We are pleased to inform you of the additional benefits available to all First Kudi Verve Card Holders and Ferrum Network (FRM) Holders . The limit for Buying / Selling and Withdrawal of FRM has been increased from 120 FRM Daily to 3000 FRM Daily for the First Kudi Card Holders.

Users with the First Kudi Verve Card can easily sell FRM to NGN and withdraw the funds to your First Kudi Verve Card. Users can then spend these funds in stores, restaurants and shopping malls or withdraw those funds at any ATM across the country.

How to apply for the First Kudi Verve Card?

Please see the Article below on detailed steps on Applying for the First Kudi Card. Please feel free to contact us below if there are any questions.

Thank you.


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